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CF Auto Root V2.47 APK Download Latest Version For Android

Download Latest version CF Auto Root v2.47 APK Free for your Android phones or tablets. Cf Auto Root is an Android Rooting APK which easily helps you to Root your Android gadgets. You can easily root your phones using this app. The CF Auto Root is first time introduced for the Windows operating systems but to see the needs of the users the developers also developed its setup for the smartphones. The CF Auto Root is supported by all over Android phones and tablets you can easily download and install this on your Android phones. 

This app is almost supported by all Samsung mobile phones which are based on Android Os. The rooting score is 100 percent on the Samsung devices you can easily root all Samsung mobile phones using this app. This app is most excellent Android rooting app for the Android Samsung mobile phones. If you are new users of rooting so this app is best for you due to its easy rooting process and user-friendly interface. CF Auto Root APK(Auto Root APK) is the easiest way to root all over smartphones. 

There are 600+  models are listed in the routing list of this Rooting App. You can easily root up to 600+ mobile phone models using this App. The app has many useful features but we only share the famous Features of this app and they are described bellow. You can check Universal Androot

CF Auto Root Features

  • Fastboot rooting method.
  • An easy way to root your smartphones.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Support with all over Samsung mobile phone devices which are based on the Android operating system.
  • Root the devices without using PC.
App Details

Name: Cf Auto Root(Auto Root APK) 
Developer: App mini made
 Category: Root
Version: 2.47

Enemy Strike v1.6.9 Mod APK (Unlimited Money+Gold) Download for Android

Enemy Strike is one of the best Android Shooting Game which now avails in APK format for free download. This is the latest version of Enemy Strike and you can get Unlimited Money And Gold with this version. If you wish to download any shooting game for your Android smartphones or tablets so the Enemy Strike Mod APK is the best choice for you. You can easily be able to download this game from the given download link bellow. You can get many new features with this game. 

This is the mod version and you can get Unlimited Gems and Coins with this setup. If you need the money in the game to buy any object so with this APK there are unlimited money is included with this. Enemy Strike is the best Android game APK which includes 3D graphics and the best audio quality. With the game there are many amazing levels are included. You have to play the game as a human life saver and save human beings from the Aliens. You have to kill the aliens to get the score and pass your levels and to go to the next level. 

Enemy Strike features

  • In the game, there are 3D graphics with the this APK.
  • You can get unlimited gems, coins, and money with this setup.
  • Unlimited combat missions.
  • Many unique locations.
  • Upgraded weapons and all of them are unlockable.
  • Different gameplay modes.
The score is most important to go to the next level. There are an option to select multiple languages in this game you can select your language such as English, 한국어, Русский, 日本語, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, ไทย, Português, Français, Türkçe, Italiano, Filipino, Español.


Go Launcher Prime V2.1 APK Latest Free Download For Android

Download latest version Go Launcher Prime free for your Android Smartphone or tablets. Go Launcher Prime is interesting Personalization App for the Android mobile phones. The app holds many new and amazing features with this version which helps you to make your phones look very different from others. 

With this APK file, you can make your phone so beautiful, slim and smart looking. This launcher is perfect for all over Android Smartphone. The Go Launcher Prime Provides updated wallpapers and themes for you every time. The app also holds many stylish looks for your phone. You can select the wallpapers for your phone and the screen locks with your choice. Make your phones every corner so styling with beautiful themes. 

The app also helps you to select updated or good looking wallpapers and screen locks. New looks for your phone and changes the style of your phones icons and other gadgets. This is the latest and updated version of Go Launcher. Provides you the great level of satisfaction for your phones personalization. Many users give positive reviews about the app. There are many amazing features are added to this app which gives you the best performance. 

It has smart and simple features and they help the app to make it popular. Once you install this app on your Android phone than the app takes your phone to the amazing level of smartness. With Go Launcher Prime APK there are many new stylish gadgets and wallpapers are included. It can also help you to change your phone icons and make them a new look. The app includes unlimited wallpapers and themes the counting will starts but not ends. 

This app includes a different kind of wallpapers like rainy, cloudy and natural as well as the amazing surface images. If you need to change the style of your Home screen so you can easily be done this tasks as well. To categorize your phone apps you can easily make the categories of your apps and put them into different categories. You can easily make folders save you data here. 

There is the search box is included with Go launcher which easily helps to find your apps and files which are present on your phone. The app gives a new look to your phone's home screen. You can change your home screen icons style to give them a smart and slim look. The auto updated weather features are also included with this APK with the help of this feature you can easily check your location weather updates.

Download APK

Audio Manager (Hide it Pro) v6.1 APK (Latest) Free Download for Android

This is the latest version if Audio Manager(Pro) app locker and you are going to download this latest version free for your Android mobile devices. This version is newly released and now avail in this site for free download and install. The version is (6.11) and avails 100 percent free for the users. The app is supported by Android versions 4.0 or higher of you are a version of 4.0 or higher so you can easily able to download or install Audio Manager on your smartphone.
The app simply helps you to hide your phone files. You can hide any of the files on your mobile phone using this app. Hide your private videos, images or documents. You can also hide the call records of your phone with the help or Audio Manager on you Android phones or tablets. Get images and videos from your gallery and put them into a safe place where nobody can see them and this tasks is only done by Audio Manager Pro APK.

Once you place your secret files or documents in a safe place then you can easily put a pin lock on that location where your secret data is placed.  If you are worried to give your mobile phone to an unknown person then easily install this application on your phone then you can easily safe your phone's data from your friends and from unknown persons who want to use your phone without your permission. With Audio Manger you can easily able to hide your images and lock your videos easily on your Android devices.

You can also download this app for iPhone, PC or Mac. This app is mostly designed for those persons who want to make their phones data secret from other peoples. The users can easily make their phones videos, images, application and the messages hide from the peoples. If you wish to download the latest version Audio Manger Pro for your Android smartphone so the download link is present at the last of this page just click on the given download link to download the application without wasting the time.

Features of Audio Manager:

  • Help you to hide your phone's important data and make them hide from other users who use your phone without your permission.
  • Put your videos or images of a safe place where nobody can see them.
  • Hide your videos or images using a smart locker.
  • You can select two types of screen locks one is pin lock or second is password lock.
  • Free to download and easy to use.
App information

Name: Audio Manager (Hide It Pro) 
Developer: Audio Inc 
Category: Music And Audio
Version: 6.1

The download method is simple just click on the provide the download link and the download will starts automatically.

Game Guardian (No Root) APK V8.4.3 Latest Free Download For Android

GameGuardian is one of the best Android game hacking application. The app easily helps you to access the games tapped features. You can easily change your game all those features which are not availed with any of the Android game. Game Guardian is one of the popular Android game hacking software which you used to easily increase your game performance. 

The Latest Version Game Guardian APK is newly released and now the app is available on our website. You can easily download this application for your Android mobile phones or tablets. If you need any app to break your security of any Android game so the Game Guardian is one of the best apps for doing such kind of tasks. Millions of users from the world use this app and they have a strong trust with this app. The game hacking is the easiest and interesting task these days due to releasing new and powerful hacking apps. 

The app has the best performance with your phone. Game Guardian is the best app for the game lovers he to its powerful performance and user-friendly interface. Thanks to the developers so they provide this app free for us and now we can easily edit any games features and add or remove it's all features. You can easily upgrade or add new objects to your game and make your gameplay more interesting. 

Now any of the users can easily use this app to make changes to their games. Game Guardian easily helps you to uplift your game levels, increase your lives and also helps you to get more lives on your game for free. You can easily get the winning position on any game using Game Guardian No Root APK. Now there is many game hacking application are avail on the internet so the users can choose the untrusted apps and they don`t know about them. But this application is fully trusted by the users and you can easily get this from our site. There are many features are added with this App and we will discuss them.

Game Guardian (GameGuardian) Features

  • You can easily able to change your game scores. For this, you have to search for your game score and easily change it to your choice. 
  • You can increase your points to pass the levels of any android game.
  • Easily add multiple coins with your game to get more game objects and make your game performance batter.
  • Easily modify your game setting as per your choice.
  • Get unlimited lives to play the game and get the winning position.
  • If you are stuck on any level so you can easily able to uplift your game level using Game Guardian.
  • Also, you can change your game speed.
App information

Name: GameGuardian(No Root)
Developer: d2dyno
Category: Tools
Version: 8.4.3

Mine Craft Pocket Edition V0.14.99.1 APK Full Version Free Download For Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition Full Version- A new generation Android APK game for the mobile phone devices wich is available free on this site. The game is first time introduce for the computers but now the developers have developed its mobile version so can easily download Minecraft Pocket Edition for your Android smartphones. In the mobile version, nothing was different the game is same as the PC version. 

There are many familiar details are now availed in the mobile option. There are an amazing and unique retrostyle in the mobile version. The events which present in MiceCraft are simple and easy. This is one of the games where the graphics and the technical features have not so important for the process. In the game to the users, they have to make their own computer world using various kinds of blocks. 

This is not so easy but you have only the element details a complex process and they make this game so intriguing. Create a universe but this is possible to use different kinds of blocks having different functions and different properties. This is possible to make anything using the blocks you can make things or your soul wishes it includes the castles and places, bridges, roads and even the stadium for the football. 

The developers do not include the unusual music but they includes the music for the steps and all movements are very accurate. To play the game you have to use the joystick which is present in the left corner of your phone screen. You can easily operate the game by sliding the fingers on the screen. If you are going to put a block it is necessary to choose it on the menu the menu is present on the bottom of your phone screen and to place the block tap anywhere on the screen where you wish to put it on. 

It is possible to break the blocks to make them as your need. For the break, the block just holds your finger on the block which you want to broke. If you wish to play the multiplayer game so you can do this using your phone's internet connection without the internet connection you are unable to play the multiplayer option of Mine Craft Pocket Edition. The Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Full Version is a free entertaining game for your Android mobile phones. Download the latest version APK from this site and install it on your phone for play the game. 

Game Infomation

Name: Minecraft Pocket Edition (Full Version)
Developer: Mojang 
Category: Arcade

MG Liker (Auto Liker) APK Latest v2.0 Free Download For Android

MG Liker Latest version free download for Android mobile phone devices for free. MG Liker is a best Facebook Auto Liker app for those users who want to get instant more likes on their Facebook activities. The app is first time introduced on 2013 for the Android smartphones users. The app is designed for the Android-based devices. 

The App is perfect for the persons who want to get auto likes on their Facebook activities. You can download the latest version APK file by click on the given download link provided at the last of the page. The app includes many new and old features and we will discuss all of them in the middle of this post. The app is comfortable for all over Android smartphones. 

The app gives you the real and genuine likes. If you are looking for an auto liker for Facebook so the MG Liker is one of the best Auto likers for Facebook users. Mg Liker has its own trend on the internet. The app is developed and published by the MG Likers. You can easily like your Images, Vides or any other status using Mg Liker APK. You can download this app free from this site and the download is also direct. 
Thier are many other Facebook Auto Likers like F8 Auto Liker or Cyberlikes but all the apps have their own features or specification and the Mg Auto Liker also has their own features and specifications. The app helps you to make your Image likes up to 1000+ in few minutes you can get thousands of likes in second using Mg Auto Liker.

Mg Liker Features

  • Mg Liker helps you to get Facebook genuine likes for free.
  • The app gives the users spam free service.
  • Works smartly with the Android phones.
  • Support with all over Android phones.
  • You can get up to 1000+ likes at one time.
  • If you are using this first time so the app is very easy to use.
  • User-friendly interface.
To use the app just click on the given download link and install the latest version on your smartphones. The app is very easy to use so you can easily able to use the app first time. The app has a simple and easy process to get likes you don`t have to face any complex process.

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